Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sculptionary the Game

Sculptionary the Game is the perfect game for the art room. All age groups can play. I had to design a game for the last graduate class I took with The Art of Education: Instructional Strategies for the Art Room. My students loved it so much they gave me an A+ and beg to play it. I've used it as an introduction to 3d art and unit review.

TABLE SET UP TEAMS: 3 Participants: 4 (two sculptors and 2 guessers) Time & Score Keeper:1 Game Show Host: 1 (pulls a piece of paper with a word on it and secretly shares with the sculptors while cupping it in his hand) TWO team members will rotate with the game show host and the time and score keeper every round.
Each table has 3 teams. Student teams rotate every round with the time and score keeper and the game show host. This way the teacher can be free to supervise and assist students as needed. Two teams compete in each round.
The “Game Show Host” has a jar filled with the selected topic written on folded paper that the teacher wants to reinforce for that lesson. The game show host pulls a word and shares it secretly with the sculptors by cupping it in their hand. The students who are guessing may turn around in their seats so they do not see the word.
The “Time and Score Keeper” tells them when to begin sculpting and guessing and when to stop. Students have up to 2 minutes to communicate their word using modeling clay. They are not allowed to use words or letters. Their team partner may begin guessing the word after students have sculpted for 1 minute.  They have 1 minute to guess the topic. The first student to guess what the term, concept, tool, technique, or artist wins the round. The score keeper makes a mark on the score card for that team and round.  Then students rotate.

For full instructions and game pieces open this file: "Sculptionary the Game"

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